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True TSX elliptical machineTrue TSX Elliptical Trainer

Price: $3,299

Bottom Line:The True Fitness TSX offers a few extra preset workouts over the TX model, but for the additional $600 this feature may not be worth it.

Thoughts:The True Fitness TSX was an attempt at breaking into the more affordable elliptical machine market for True Fitness. True Fitness has always been known for producing some of the highest quality fitness equipment at a high price, but this True Fitness TX is something very different. Offering a fixed 21" stride length, 8 preset workouts, and 25 resistance levels, the TX seems to offers a great value for the price. But, whenever we look at a piece of True Fitness equipment we expect the highest quality design. While the TSX is built well and does offer a comfortable workout, we didn't find the True Fitness quality we were expecting. Also, the TSX is identical to the TX model, but adds a few additional preset workouts. If you do choose a True Fitness model from this price range, consider the TX as the additional $600 jump to the TSX offers little added real-world value. Not to say this machine is a bad option, but for the home user looking to spend over $3,000 on an elliptical machine, other manufactures such as Smooth Fitness or Life Fitness have high quality options for less.

Features: Notes: Rating:
Drive System Center Core Drive 6.5
Resistance Eddy Current 8
Feel/Motion Fixed 21" 7
Unit Weight 311 lbs. 7.75
Max User Weight 350 lbs. 8
Stability Very stable 8
Quality High quality 8.5
Display LED 7
Smoothness Average 5
Noise Level Quiet 7
Resistance Levels 25 9.5
Programs Preset, User, Cruise Control 8.5
Heart Rate Monitoring HRC 8
Warranty 5yr Parts + 1yr Labor 8
Overall Value Not worth the extra preset workouts over the TX. Decent quality machine for the money. 8
Average Rating: 7.7


  • Excellent look.

  • Additional workout presets.

  • Unique twin center drive system.

  • Two drives to maintain and service.

  • Warranty is limited for the price.

  • High off the ground.

Manufacturer's web site: www.truefitness.com

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