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smooth ce 2.1 elliptical reviewThe Smooth CE 2.1 is structurally the same elliptical trainer as the Smooth CE 3.2, minus a couple of key features. Like the 3.2, it is built with heavy duty flywheel and Electromagnetic Braking System. Both contribute to an extremely smooth and fluid elliptical motion.

It is apparent when you stop and the machine gradually slows down. You'll find other brands in this price range that have a motion that jerks and grabs. Not what you want in an elliptical trainer.

The CE 2.1 is equipped with pivotal foot pedals. Obviously, one of the reasons you want to purchase an elliptical trainer is to reduce the impact and strain to your joints. The pivotal foot pedals further decrease the strain by allowing your ankles to maintain alignment.

Unlike the CE 3.2 you do not get heart rate control, but you do get heart rate monitoring sensors on the handgrips. I personally never use heart rate control. I prefer to regulate my workout on my own. But that doesn't mean heart rate control doesn't serve a purpose. If heart control is a must in achieving your fitness goals, move up to the 3.2. If you are uncertain about the benefits of heart rate control, check out the article on Heart Rate Control.

The other compromising feature, in comparison to the CE 3.2, is the display and electronics. The 3.2 has a four-window, dot matrix LED display, allowing you to read numerous readouts at once. The 2.1 has a less expensive LCD display. The 2.1 has the same programs as the 3.2, but lacks the nine programmable user profiles, which is beneficial if there are going to be several people using the machine.

Resistance:Electromagnetic eddy-current brake system
Stability: Good
Wireless HRC Yes
Warranty:Lifetime frame, 2 years parts including electronics, 1 year service

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The Smooth CE 2.1 elliptical trainer usually sells for $1,299, which includes shipping (Although Smooth Fitness is constantly changing their sale prices). It is one of the best elliptical machines available in that price range. In addition to the price and the quality of the machine, Smooth has an excellent reputation for customer service. An important issue if you ever have problems. The CE 2.1 gets two thumbs up.

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