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TruPace Elliptical trainerTruPace Elliptical Trainers

TruPace is a new brand that just hit the elliptical trainer market. Currently being offered through 1800treadmill.com, TruPace fitness equipment has been designed for customers concerned with getting the most for their money.

TruPace offers three different front drive elliptical trainers that each offer a unique feature set and all come in well under the $1,000 price point. We have reviewed all three of these machines and we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the construction and overall usability of the units.

TruPace seems to be in a great position right now and are really one of the best new elliptical trainer brands if budget is a major concern for you. We recommend these units if you are looking to spend less than a $1,000 but still want a machine that will handle everyday use and last a while.

TruPace Elliptical Trainers Reviews

TruPace E200 Elliptical
TruPace E220 Elliptical
TruPace E250 Elliptical

Manufacturer's web site: www.1800treadmill.com

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