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true elliptical machineTrue has been known as the company that makes the quietest treadmills on the market. At one time, they were the leading consumer treadmill manufacturer, but as pricing on treadmills has fallen, True has failed to keep up. Instead, the company has introduced a bevy of new stationary bikes and elliptical machines to try to round out their lineup. Generally, we are not crazy about center drive elliptical trainers since they require twin drive systems which cost more to manufacture and are difficult to maintain. True is dong the best job in this new category and they were the first to come out with adjustable stride length on this design.

True Elliptical Ratings

True M30
True M50
True ESXt
True ESX
True TSXa
True TSX

Discontinued Models

True TX
True PS900e

Manufacturer's web site: www.truefitness.com

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