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precor elliptical machineIn 1995, Precor was the first company in the fitness industry to introduce an elliptical cross trainer, and since then they have set the standard for quality, high-end elliptical trainers. They named their elliptical machine the EFX and still use that name on their ellipticals today.

Precor ellipticals are primarily sold through specialty fitness dealers, where you are more likely to find top-of-the-line products. They also make commercial models that are installed in health clubs. There are several sites selling remanufactured exercise equipment. We advise caution in purchasing those.

The feature that Precor focuses on is their patented CrossRamp. This feature adjusts the incline of the ramp that the front rollers travel on, changing the muscle groups being exercised. CrossRamp is touted by Precor for adding variety to the user's exercise routines, but if you try it you will realize that it just changes the angle of the ellipse. Unlike changing the angle on a treadmill, this adjustment does not make the workout any better or more intense.

Technically speaking, the foot has a comfortable level of plantarflexion and dorsiflexion that equate to 10 or 15 degrees of motion. But when you incline the unit you create an inordinate amount of dorsiflexion (decreasing the angle of the foot and leg). That is why we feel that this incline ramp is an antiquated feature.

Precor also recognizes that their conventional ellipticals are at the end of their run and that is why they have come out with the AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer) This unit has the ability to change motions without an incline ramp and within two years you will likely see Precor make a full line of them for home and club use.

Precor Elliptical Reviews

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